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British Noob Party.
a growing movment in modern britain and its colonies, such as england, wales and scotland to name few, that share the views A, noobs should be goverment regulated, through policey, legislation and a control pad
B, the acronym BNP should be owened by the British Noob Party, because Noob hate is cooler than Xenophobia
C, noobs should be redefined as property, so non noobs can own/pwn their very own Noob dailey
D, Total annoobicide for all that oppose the war on Noobs
viva la the despot rule of the noob overlords!
The British NooB Party aims to be a force for postive humour
noob is oringaly derivided from the neophyte around 1850 according to my extensive research
by The noob overlord March 21, 2011
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