Let Candace Owens enjoy her 15 seconds of nano - fame.
- H.
- Have you heard about Candace’s ‘Bring back manly men’ movement?

- Poor lady... got dragged by the kindest man on this planet.
by fijiforblue December 2, 2020
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A quote first used against Harry Styles by Candace Owen who shamed Harry for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue

After that, Harry Styles took this quote as his own, as he took to Instagram and twitter and posted a picture of him with the caption, bring back manly men

Harry Styles taking the world by storm

Girl 1: Did you hear about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the vogue cover. Ew. I say bring back manly men
Girl 2: What defines manly, huh? Just because a guy wears a dress, doesnt mean he's any less manly. Go away you sexist pig!
by Zquader December 3, 2020
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