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This type of business method is demonstrated in full by AL Ontario. Brilliant execution is put forth when employees do not input proper pricing, which in turn invoices customers upwards of $100,000 more than what is the national list. Clearly this procedure is beneficial to the company as a whole due to making its customers provide doubts in the trustworthiness of the inside salesman's ability to peform a simple task.

Brilliant Execution is also displayed when the salespeople cannot spell their title correctly and therefore making the customer assume that he/she is very intelligent, aware and has a passion for their position in the company. Overall these techniques prove to encourage a well working and synergistic company which can then take large market share now that everyhing is "well-oiled"
Customer : Hello i am fom ABC company, you seem to have charged me $90 000 for a $75 cylinder
Company: You know what? you are welcome i mus have screwed hat up by accident!
Customer: Thats ok you guys display brilliant execution in the ontario region in all shapes and sizes these days!!!

Customer: Excuse me sir, but do you have these simple and very generic parts that everybody in this industry should have in stock?
Company: You know what? we dont!! but thats ok because we can get them for you in 2-3 weeks
Customer: thats quite odd you dont, and i need them today!!
Company: Hey! What do you think brilliant execution looks like these days! We strive for back orders that inhibit production in all industries!!
Customer: OOOOO OK well then i guess ill see you later because if i go any where else you guys will just buy them out anyways, thanks for the brilliant execution in the ontario region!
by night hawk light stock August 28, 2013
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