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A high school in Rochester, NY(25th best in the nation) full of preppy girls and boys, lots of cliques, with 3 near by bagel shops to service our ridiculously large Jewish community. Our sports teams always suck and we are known as the "fighting librarians."
"Miriam, with the large nose, who drives her mommy's BMW goes to Brighton."

"The stoner kid jamming to DMB or Phish on his IPod in the cafe goes to Brighton."

"When Allison gets into an accident during a free period in her volvo mommy comes to drop off the acura so She is not without an automobile. Allison goes to Brighton.

"All the cool Brighton kids hang out at "unity" sipping their starbucks in their Northface jackets."

"school bought lunch?? noooo we go to Wegmans to over pay cuz we are just tha classy...unless its pizza nugget day"
by DORK March 08, 2005
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Located in Rochester NY. This school is the literal definition of a shithole. The people here are beyond fake especially the popular bitches. It's so hard to be yourself if you're not popular. Good thing is that the school is pretty accepting to the LGBTQ+ community. The teachers at Brighton forget that students are people too and assign a wicked amount of homework that destroys people's mental health.
Did you hear that Jessica had a mental break down cause of all the homework she got because of Brighton High Schools shitty standards?

Damn, Brighton just won't stop!
by Whatevenislife123 June 05, 2017
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