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One of the two high schools in Norwalk, CT. Students are generally from West Norwalk, South Norwalk, and Rowayton. Becuase of the Center for Global Studies, or CGS, there are also a lot of students from all over CT. These out-of-district students adn the other centerkids are stereotypicaly obsessed with Asian culture and are likely to wear animal tails or cat ears. There are a bunch of preps who will say they're from Rowayton even if they aren't. They love Vinyard Vines, own at least one pair of Uggs (even the guys), and have a car. They are really snobby and cliquey. There's also a bunch of ghetto people who think that they own the place. The ghetto girls will often randomly scream in the hallways for no reason. There is also a fair share of nerds, Haitian immigrants, and hispanic immigrants. The school is domminated by two cults, known as SCF and Peace Project. It has the lamest mascot ever, the Senators, and its colors are red, white and blue. Has a rivalry with Norwalk High.
Why is that kid wearing a tail?
Oh, that must be a centerkid from Brien McMahon High School

How many pairs of Uggs do you own?
Five, I mean, hello, I live in Rowayton.

Brien McMahon High School is way better than Norwalk High School!!!
by bewareofmsjones June 14, 2010
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