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A really mediocre rugby team, based in Bridgend (south wales), who are famous for having the attitude that each player in all their age groups is god's gift. It's this awful way of thinking, as you would know if you knew them, that makes them "a cut above" in their own minds. In the event that they do lose a game or they clearly don't live up to their own ridiculous expectations, they are keen to blame; the ref being bad, "not playing their normal starting side", injuries, weather and (my personal favorite) a biased ref - as if any of these are acceptable. Among the other local rugby teams (and rugby teams as far as cardiff or swansea), there is a commonly used phrase "Athed".

Being Athed is when somebody or some player spends to long around people or players who convince them that said player is the best thing since sliced bread. In short, almost a brainwashing affect which changes the said player's attitudes more like the typical Bridgend Athletic attitudes. The process of "Athing" as it were, doesnt have to be done by supporters/players of Bridgend Athletic. It can be done to ANYONE by ANY TEAM. The same principle could apply to any other sport just as well.
Guy1: Bridgend Athletic players all have their heads up their own asses and dont like it shoved up em in a physical game.


*Athing or being Athed*

Person1: Bob's been spending allot of time with those guys from ________ R.F.C lately don't you think?

Person2: Yeah i know right! he was saying the other day about how much better he reckoned was than Dai and how easily _______ R.F.C would beat Dai's team!

Person1: Well everybody kind of knows that Dai is better than Bob, even though Bob is also a good player. Most people who say or think otherwise are looking through rose tinted spectacles on Bob's behalf. He was a nice enough guy who just got on with it before, but now he's been made to think more of himself, being convinced he is better than Dai.

Person2: It's not fair to blame him though those guys down at _______ R.F.C have been Athing him for ages.

Person1: Yeah, he's been totally Athed.
by doidsengfee June 22, 2012
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