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A girl who is as smart as a sword is sharp and can be strong of character as a stone wall is immovable. She ascends to the highest reaches of her mind, heart, and spirit.

She has great decisiveness and can be a bit warlike, but is a peacemaker to the core and uses the those abilities accordingly. Able to cut through an argument with her words in an instant. She remains faithful and so is willing to tell a friend when they are off base, even about themselves. She is slow to speak and quick to listen, but when she speaks it's to the heart. The truth she speaks rings true with those around her, even if it's not what they want to hear.

Through all this she remains of noble and pure character. It is this consistency that makes her friends feel safe when she's around, even if she's telling them they are off base. She has very few enemies and is liked by many. If a Briannon falls from her noble constancy, however, watch out for just the opposite.

Many of the definitions for Brianne also apply.
Person 1: "Wow. That's quite the blow you just gave me girl, I hadn't realized that I was even doing that.

Person 2: "Well. It's true isn't?"

Person 1: "Ya, and I can't deny it either. I'm glad I have a friend like you to keep me on base. I don't know what I'd do without you, you Briannon, you."

Person 3: "Was a Briannon here?"

Person 1: "Yes. How can you tell?"

Person 3: "Well, for one thing you guys are not fighting anymore and your at peace about it."

Person 4: "Yea. That girl knows how to cut right to the heart of the issue."
by WordsmithGgk November 05, 2011
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An absolute sex goddess, amazing in bed and will do anything for a suck of your lollipop or your special female place

Slang word for: vagina licker
Boy 1: Dude, I had sex last night
Boy 2: Sweet bro, did she make you cum a lot
Boy 1: Yeah dude

Boy 2: Aw man, bet she was a BRIANNON
by Noodlesforme February 22, 2015
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A slutty, two-faced, fake bitch. Someone who doesn't really know them self but pretends to like what everyone else is into. A follower of the lowest degree.
I know you don't really listen to that band, stop being such a Briannon
by Nooodles007 November 16, 2010
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