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The usual annoying kid in school. Acts like your friend some of the time, and the other he's just a total loser. He's smart, but just doesn't show it, and he says he's not gay, but we all have our doubts. He also looks like the green teletubby and and hangs out with random people. Brian has NO Dick and is proud to say it from a rooftop. . If anyone sees him in class, you'll know that he get a hella lot of class woodies. Even though Brian is who he is, we will always remember Brian's gay ass.
Ex 1
Me: Are you my friend?

Her: Ehhh....

Me: Why so doubtful?

Her: Well.... Uh...

Me: Tell me! Tell me now!!!


Ex 2
Me: Do you know any annoying people that are sometimes gay?

Him: Mmmm... Let me think....
Ooh, we all know him.

Me: Who is it?

Him: Brian Molony!
by Andres112233 June 09, 2017
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