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Bri'Najasha is a smart female who is Rude but well going Bri'Najasha is talented in her own ways Bri'Najasha is beautiful and has her own characteristics she is highly loving and goofy not many can along with and understand Bri'Najasha because she 💓😰sometimes tends to change her character and will be put out of it if someone come across her in a way that makes her feel disrespected Bri'Najasha has a good amount of strength and when it comes to something serious with a friend she put all jokes aside 💯 when Bri'Najasha feel like she needs to let somebody go in her life there is no hesitation to what she does Bri'Najasha has a beautiful smile and a nice figure and is loyal to her partner🔐 no matter the situation Bri'Najasha isBri'Najasha
Bri'Najasha - is so beautiful and out going I can't stand it !!
by key'g0tbands December 19, 2016
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