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The act of sending a dick picture (via text message) to a female in which you've most likely just met/started talking to, not too long ago. This is an alpha male trait that is only done by the boldest men, who have the confidence, the precise angles, and the kind of soul snatching slammer that no woman could resist. This act is usually done by complete surprise, although a warning which is given in "hint" form is also acceptable. Otherwise you might fall into the category of a creep/weirdo.

This phrase is most often used when speaking to another friend about the new girl he's been telling you about. Its is NOT a phrase that women would OR should know about, and shall not be used in a woman's presence
me : Damnnnnn she's fine bro! Did you even Brett Favre Her yet??
friend : Naw, but im easing her into it a little bit right now. So by the time i get home, i could Brett Favre Her just to add as the finishing touch.
by RowdyRodThatPipesHer March 11, 2017
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