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Brentology is the ideopathic study of a specific sect of Brentologians who possess a desire to study heavy metal, taco bell and jokes. In the study of Brentologism we are taught to learn how to overcome the man by complaining and getting what we want.

In short Brentology is the study of all that is Brent and all that ever will be brent. So sayeth the chúch of Benny Simon
Ex1 Noun

person1: Say brother Isaac, care to study the tombs of Brentology with Friar Earl and I?

Person2: Certainly Carlton, Brentology is my favorite subject

Ex2 Expletive.

Taco Bell Employee: What can I get you sir?

Brent: Could you give me a moment please... Yeah I'll have two cheesy gordita crunches, and an extra large baja blast no ice.

Taco Bell Employee: Will that be all?

Benny: Hey brent can I get a crunchwra-


Benny :(

Brent: Damnit. They gave me ice!

by Benjam Von Oolong July 24, 2012
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