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It takes alot for her to say I LOVE YOU, but when she does she says it deep and with all of her heart. She has a love lying inside her that is unexplainable. She loves hard and until the end. These girls are very beautiful, super nice, too funny, overly trustworthy, with a bombashus bubbly personality! Brendas are postive people and laugh a whole lot. She is as real as it gets. Outbeats any comparison. Her friendships are unbreakable and strong in all views. She never lies, steals, cheats, or betrays. Take every word she says to heart, Brendas speak the truth and are overly honest people all around. Intelligent and full of wisdom. Brendas will never break your heart and will extend out theres when yours is broken. If you are one of the lucky ones you will get to know a Brenda and know she is worth keeping. Brendas make best of friends. Never lose or let go of a Brenda as they are hard to replace. Brendas are adorable!!!!

Have a spunky personality as well. Loves to make many friends. Attract many people. People person down to earth person.

Classic beauty. Eyes and a smile that are hypnotic. Her laughter is contageous. Makes the strongest of men weak! One of a kind!

Very bright. Super smart and intelligent.
That girl must be a Brendaliz with those qualities.
by Shiela W. October 28, 2013
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