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Another Name for The Real B-Town XC. Bremerton High School's Cross Country Team. They run a lot and complain and yell a lot and are generally irritating to be around unless you're one of them, then you become one of them, just as boisterous and exasperating to everyone around as they are.

They are also the most rambunctious group of assholes that I've ever had the misfortune to call my friends.
Madi: "NOOOOOO I broke my foot and now I can't run for Bremerton Cross anymore :'("

NM kid1: "These Bremerton Cross kids are so disrespectful, when I was getting sucked off over here in the back when we carpooled with them that one day, they were always just yelling and screaming. There's no respect."
by NoHomoButILikeSmurfDick October 05, 2016
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The littest squad in the city . You will never see a more lit squad. They party hard and get women!
Robert:"Hey, are you on bremerton cross?"
If your not on cross youre a queer a$$ fedge
by JackedJewishjuggernautmanboobs October 04, 2016
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They are the littest fam in the olympic leauge they eat together hang together and annoy everyone together. Nobody understands them unless they are part of the squad. They have an amazing coach and people who have each others backs. If you should ever be lucky enough to become part of the squad be gratefull because as soon as you disrespect them there is no going back.
All the schools in olympic leauge: dang they are so annoying

All the people in bremerton cross: if only they knew
by THEREALB-TOWNXC October 21, 2016
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