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The Breakfast Turnover is a sexual act peformed by a male on a female partner. Depending upon the female's sleep position (on back or on stomach) determines the appropraite starting orifice. If on her stomach, the male gently awakens the female by first peforming analingus upon her then followed by quickly flipping her over to expose the vagina and then performs cunnilingus. If on her back, the action is simply reversed. If the female is a side sleeper, the starting orifice is at the male's discretion and usually is determined by whether the booty or the vagina is facing him.
Randy was so horny when we woke up in the morning that he decided to treat himself to a Breakfast Turnover and started munching down on Sandy's leather cheerio then quickly flipped her over to enjoy her tasty taco.
by Ben Dribblin February 17, 2014
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