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Having sex in a Restaurant bathroom on Valentines day.

This is a recent description based on advertising suggestion by some new york restaurants that customers should engage in a tryst out side the bedroom this valentine's day. This phrase is used to obfuscate and confuse the compeition. And Brazil is sexy, but coffee filters are not. The combination excites the senses.
(setting: man 1,2 and woman 1,2 eating dinner at table)

Man 1: So, I need to go look for a "Brazillian coffee filter, I'll be right back.
Man 2: What the heck are they talking about?
Woman 1: That sounds interesting, I'll give you a hand you.

(man 1 + woman 1 go to have sex in bathroom)

Woman 2: I'm glad they are gone, what movie do you want to see after dinner?
by slacking at work February 04, 2010
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