When banging a broad in the butt and just when you are about to blow your load, you dig your thumbs hard into her hips...this causes her to tighten up her stinkeye something fierce. You then pull your penis out while she is clamped down hard on it. This cleans your penis off from any fecal matter but also produces a loud 'pop' created by the tremendous pressure of her sphincter holding onto your member very tightly. The loud 'pop' resembles the opening of a champagne bottle and helps you finish your business all over her back, similiar to some bubbly shooting out of the champagne bottle.
You are walking along the beach and you can't resist one of the hotties. You stroll up to her and ask her if she has ever experienced the Brazilian Pop. If she asks to see the size of your thumbs, you're in business.
by Vista sucks April 1, 2009
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Sticking a toe inside a male or females rectum and making a pop noise
Yo last night nick gave that girl a Brazilian tootsie pop and it was so loud
by Rusty cheese steak November 23, 2018
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