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An unfortunate occurrence that happens to lost tourists deep in the jungle of Brazil. Legend has it, a man by the name of Pansy Lucas from Whoreview, MN was adventuring through the dense jungle in Brazil. He eventually got lost and had to make a smoke signal. However, instead of calling for help, the smoke signal was seen by some local tribesmen. The tribesmen kidnapped him and strapped him to a log naked. The savages then began banging on a large set of drums. Frightened, Pansy Lucas began frantically calling for help. The tribesmen then lifted the log up and carried him to the Amazon river some several miles away. Once there, the tribesmen made the log, and Pansy Lucas, parallel to the surface of the water. White water begins to break the surface... Small shadows can be seen circling the log. Pansy Lucas, with his cock dangling in the wind, shrieks,"Piranhas!" before slowly being lowered towards the hungry school of fish. His cock penetrates the surface, and a feeding frenzy begins. All that can be seen his white water splashing everywhere while Pansy Lucas screams for help. Pansy Lucas was found some time later by Brazilian Authorities, castrated.
Geoffrey: Hey man...
Noah: Hey! How was the trip to Brazil?
Geoffrey: Not so good, i was castrated by a school of piranhas.
Noah: Holy shit!!! The legend is true! There is such thing as a Brazilian Dick Trimmer!
by TESTICLETWISTER January 21, 2016
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