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A word to describe an annoying bratty-arrogant-child that never shuts up. Brattytwats are everywhere, on the Internet, the whole world in general.

Also one of the kids you really, really, really, REALLY, want to pummel, but can't because they're little immature children and don't know any better.
Video Game:

(You lose the game and you think nothing of it, other than it just being a game.)

Brattytwat - Yeahhh get owned! Faggot.

Normal person - Uhh yeah

Brattytwat - Hhahahahaha you fuckin' mad hahaha you trying to cover it up.

Normal person - Grow up kid.

Brattytwat - U mad? U mad? U mad? U mad? Get owned! Get owned! Get owned! (And repeats so on).

Normal person - ಠ_ಠ (This brattytwat is going to going to get it!)


Brattytwat - Hehehehehehahahahahha *snork* *snork* I scored a touchdown you faggot! XDDDDD

Angry normal person - THAT IS FUCKING IT YOU BRATTYTWAT! (ᕗ ಠ益ರೃ)ᕗ ┻━┻
by AHumanBeing April 30, 2013
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