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Bratcore is a surf/dance/crunk/new wave/punk band from Chambersburg, Pa. They are better than you in every single way possible with no exceptions. They will be the best band and the worst band at the same time if that's what it takes. Sean Hallock (for more info check out signed shackelton bastard) plays bass. Brennan Elliott plays on drums. Brennan Elliott looks like Ringo Starr when he plays...while this has no bearing on the band or music it should be noted. They stole their name from a song but because, as fore-mentioned, they are better than everyone, it doesn't matter. Also what should be noted is that they have killed 1182004 people since their creation, which is the date hawthorne heights started their myspace account (1/18/2004). They both own '82 trans ams which they take to shows and act extreme with (i.e. jumping children, racing the cops, selling drugs, and probably most risky of all, taking condoms from one Israel Slick). They know all the dialoge of the movie Beat Street but not Breakin' because upon watching the movie was disgusted that all the dancers just popped and locked instead of Breakin'. They wear golf gloves with the finger cut out...there is no record of why this is. Now I must go because if I don't Bratcore will rape me, and I know you're saying "but wait, isn't that a good thing?" you have forgotten that Bratcore is the best at everything meaning they are the greatest rapists of all time so being raped by Bratcore is like going to Chuck E. Cheese's and not getting rubbed by the oh too friendly mouse.
Bratcore enslaved an entire race of people because they...and I quote "wanted a bitchin' basketball team."
by David Gladfelter February 21, 2007
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