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Brataining is defined as when you keep something in your bra either for safekeeping or concealment.

You can bratain small objects such as keys, mobiles, money, cigarettes, snus and small flasks, it all depens on the size of your bra and your boobs.

It's comonly known as the best hiding place for anything you shouldn't have had, because as good as no one would to feel your breasts to see if it's anything there.
Girl 1: Fuck! My parents found my cigarettes in my jacket pocket last night, as I was leaving the house! I'm so screwed!
Girl 2: Idiot! You should have bratained it before you went out of your room.

Boy: Wow, almost everyone got their phones stolen at Tim's party last night! Did someone steal yours?
Girl: Nah, I was smart enough to be brataining it at the time.
by Crabie January 20, 2012
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