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From the Old English, from Middle Latin: Rattus Brattidilosus

(n) 1. A creature resembling a rat in character; female. Most likely to be a younger sister, although not limited to. However said sibling is not of the same genus, likely being a half breed. Typically selfish and a sluggard. Has no regard for cleanliness or basic time management. Takes great sadistic pleasure in irritating people; targets siblings especially. Similarly, under duress, all individuals – good and innocent people - in its immediate vicinity are liable to receive physical and verbal catharsis.

Speaks an uncommon dialect of English: Brattish. Typical expressions include: “gimme now”; “say that again and stab you with this fork”; “I hate you”; “no, you are!”. It also produces banshee-like noises; particularly woeful wailing whilst yawning. Scientists are still working to determine whether this is another mode of communication.

Spends an inglorious amount of time on the social networking website: Facebook. Otherwise referred to in Brattish as: ‘my entire life’. Scientists have concluded that this is because whilst dwelling within the confines of her den, her entire sentience is possessed with only what other people are doing as she has no interests of her own.
“'Tis a better thing I do, to burn brat rats...”
~ Charles Dickens on Brat Rats

“Mysterious fiends, those brat rats – one supposeth they spawn from the depths of Hades' Tartarus. These creatures cannot be o’ moral in origin.”
~ From Plato’s dialogues
by lolamuffins December 06, 2010
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