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(Noun) Annoying club rap sung by a white girl. Lyrics normally consist of things like drinking or talking about how much "swagger" they have.

See Ke$ha.
Person one: Fuck the radio is playing Brat Rap again.

Person two: Stupid ass white chicks think they're so cool just because they auto tune the shit out of them talking.
by ScarlettGinger July 06, 2011
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When a woman manages to slip her bra on the chest of an attractive male. The man will immediately start doing whatever the woman wants and will fall in love with her. He'll also start worshipping the woman's boobs. The bigger the bra the worse the hypnosis is. Men watch out.
"Woah, how'd you score that hottie?"
"Oh, easy. He came with a 36DD bra trap."
"Lucky girl."
by Mynoduesp August 03, 2014
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