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A group of people, a very large group, who are really cool and do lots of stuff together, their leader is a Gilby, that's cool, but not.
They may be considered a "guild", don't say "clan" because that triggers everyone on the earth, they resign on a world known as deepworld and they don't interact with any other guild in the world simply because THERE IS NO OTHER GUILD THAT IS BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN BY THEM.
"Yo mama's so big, the Brass Knights could see her"
"Oh god, that was the best sentence ever.."
by The Brainstorm July 14, 2017
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A member of a group people who focus on 3 main things. Religion, culture and politics.

- religion is focused around waluigi and nut luigi, there is nothing better than an ultra nut.
- culture is primarily memes and a sad mix of hentai and anime, nothing some bleach canโ€™t solve.
- politics are centered around pointless elections for pointless positions in this pointless world for pointless reasons... help me.
Many times a brass knight can be spotted by his:

1. Inability to do anything right
2. Thatโ€™s pretty much it
Insults you can call a brass knight: brASS knight, bKYS, sass knight... ect.
A normal brass knight encounter:
Man A: *messes up something*
Man B: โ€œhecking GILBY, fix my waluigi shrine this minute or Iโ€™ll drown you in anti-memes and anime.โ€
Man A: โ€œokay, okay... you donโ€™t have to be such a brASS about it...โ€
by MimoBK January 24, 2018
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