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When companies use their tricks and traps to manipulating your mind and lure you to buying their products.
It's one thing to know that advertisers and marketers are out there to make you feel incomplete or uncool if you don't use their goods and services, but it's another thing if you give them the permission to brandwash you.
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by MathPlus July 29, 2017
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A superficial change of appearance based on the notion that a simple change of name, colour, etc will somehow remove problems faced/caused by the previous organisation. This effort usually attracts criticism as the money spent on the marketing and reshaping could have been spent solving existing problems.
When Connex leaves Melbourne, Australia after failing to maintain its contract to run the train system, it is estimated that it will cost $15 million to change station signs, uniforms, posters and logos for the new company. However, long-term problems such as punctuality, rolling stock maintenance and customer safety will still persist, as these are issues that only the state government can address. This money alone could buy a badly needed new train. The term Brandwash has been created to cater for this common distraction, similar to Greenwash - where a company boasts of it's green credentials which are often dubious.
by RobKemp July 24, 2009
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