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Great guy. He loves to joke around and have a good time. His friends mean the world to him. Never wants to let anyone down. He can be quite the charmer. He loves to sing in his car and rarely has any shame if someone is watching. His favorite color is blue. He loves dogs, and can't stand cats. He is very picky about what he eats, doesn't like fruits or vegetables. Likes to play video games and sports with his friends on his days off. He is the grill cheese sandwich making champion. Kids seem to adore him. He is a good driver. He eats bugs from a candy store at the beach and thinks that they taste good. He can bake really great cupcakes! He has a good style of clothes. He can be very competitive. Has a great sense of humor! Nice arms and a really cute laugh. He is a loyal friend and is most happy when they are around. When he loves someone he lets things slide easily and forgives easily. Does all he can to hold onto someone who he really cares about. He is one amazing person.
Brandon Lamborn is known for his good looks and creativity. He is very good at art and knows how to make people smile.
by sugar biscut April 29, 2011
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