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To gather many people in order to come up with ideas, solving problems, making jokes or whatever that requires as much brainpower as possible.
Hey guys! Would you help me solve a pickle im in? Meet me in half an hour for a brainbang.
by AluxeZ May 06, 2011
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Brain Bang is used to describe how you feel after witnessing something mind blowing or seeing something amazing and out of this world. It can also be used to describe how you feel after realizing something crazy, like an epiphany on steroids.
Josh was brain banged when he realized that there was an arrow in the Fed Ex Logo and that OK is a stick figure side ways.

How did he pull that bunny out of that hat!? Man, what a Brain Bang.

Whoa! Inception gave me a crazy brain bang the whole time I was watching.

Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan!? BRAIN BANG.
by IaMmE Fan May 05, 2011
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(1) The male gender's version of scissoring. An instance where two men touch both balls and taint.
Kevin: Hello?
Carl: I'm here for the brain bang.
by EJSD June 25, 2011
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