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An occurrence of attaining a clear mind, different thought processes, and seeing the world differently all in one instant. The mind stays in this state for under a minute and never over. After the event occurs, it seems as if everything has reverted back to how it was. It has the essence of a dream, so you would know that you had one, but not exactly the contents of it. Everything around you in reality becomes a blur while your mind narrows down and focuses on the sensation. A respect for time accompanies the event, therefore giving an urge to rush something particular that pertains to the certain individual. You could say that this event may be all your epiphanies into one since it is multiple realizations and confused emotions at one time. The brain believes these events are upgrades and starts to seek them out since they happen so rarely, even years at a time.
The young adult paused mid sentence due to the brainade, forcing him to think on different aspects of life.
by LaggyEnglish October 03, 2017
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