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Portmanteau word formed from Braggadocio (a braggart in Spenser's Faerie Queene) and cock.

1 Boasting implausibly about one's own (or one's boyfriend's) virile member.

2 By extension, any entry on a social networking site where the writer attempts to kiss his own starfish in an endless cycle of self-aggrandisement.
1) I see you've put a mock 'definition' of your own name on Urbandictionary. "{insert name here} - a boy with a sunny nature and an 18 inch wang". That's a real piece of braggacockio.

2) Oh dear, I've just been rejected by yet another female 'cause I'm hung like a dormouse. I'd best go online and indulge in some braggacockio to cheer myself up.
by Mathilda Underfoot February 03, 2010
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