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'Bradz' is a rare form of drug dealer , that basically tics out all his shit then complains when his money ain't in at the end of the week, he's dislexic and has a brain of a 4 year old that's mildly retarded, 'Bradz' can be very verbally destructive at times but are physically useless to the untrained eye, they usually have what they like to call 'sick dogzzz' which to be fair are very good dogs , the best defence weapon is their tiny heads, which usually range between 4-6cm squared, which makes it very hard to punch the fucker
Jonathan:Hey Micky

Micky: yes Jonathan

Jonathan: You seen bradz?
Micky: No I haven't mate I still owe him Β£3500 , 2 energy drinks , 4 lines, a spliff, scallop batch and both my kidneys.
by Itsmase_yacunt July 18, 2017
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