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The name given to an unfortunate valley in the rugged highlands on NW Pennsylvania. Once the "High Grade Oil Metropolis of the World" and city of more than 20,000 industrious souls, the valley today has less than half that population, and those few left are not, as a whole, productive in any way, other than sexually. It is a fact that there are more mentally retarded individuals in Bradford than there are business owners. The weather was voted worst in the Eastern US and 2nd worst in the nation. Each winter shocks the community into ever deeper levels of urban decay and human depravity. Decades of civil stagnation have allowed the inhabitants to form there own lexicon, as a way to describe the unique experiences encountered when living within a terrible anachronism. See also: scummer, baby brigade, Kiwanis Cutie, mutant beach, Cunt Reffer, Compton Mart, and Chuckahomo Bridge
Fuck. It's colder than a Bradford PA whore's heart in here.
by G-Stacksa April 28, 2011
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