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(n) Brad- High lord of horses. May also be referred to as 'Bradley'. Nobody truly knows his last name, or even which horses he is the lord of, as they all seem to treat him the same as any other person- though they might be trying to help conceal his secret identity. Raised by Killer Whales in the Antarctic- he is prone to emotional insensitivity- possibly due to his previous parents dying in a freak incident involving Killer Whales.

Usually is absolutely great at everything he does- including hangovers, being shy and being amazing in bed, but he pretends to suck at some things because he's great at being modest and making other people feel valued.

Whenever you meet a Brad- watch out, because he might be the High lord of horses in disguise and he will be the best guy you ever met.
Guy: "Hi, I'm Brad - High lord of horses."
Girl: "Oh really? Let me see your dic- HOLY SHIT IT'S HIM!"

Girl 1: So I met this really new hot guy called Brad the other day
Girl 2: Omg think he's the high lord of horses?
Girl 1: I'm gonna find out!
by Mandywub November 20, 2011
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