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Brachydactyly is a shortening of the fingers and toes due to strange short bones. This is an inherited or mutated condition, and in most cases does not present any problems for the person who has it. There are Many different varieties of Brachydactyly the main ones being Type A and D. Sometimes the person only has it on one side.

Names it is sometimes referred to as include, Clubbed thumbs, toe thumbs, Murders thumbs.

Type D is prone in woman.Type D is caused by a gene called HOXD13 and is in the homeobox gene family.

The most famous person with this condition is Megan Fox.
Boy 1: Hey what's wrong with your thumb it looks like a toe!!!
Boy 2: Don't be so mean she's got a condition, whats it called again?
Girl 1: Brachydactyly Type D.
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by Abigale Newton June 14, 2018
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