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- Girls Only Want their Money
- Boys Wouldnt Even Talk to Girl If they dont Have Vagina
- Size Does Matter For Girls , yeah The Size Of ur Wallet
- After Boys Got What They Want aka Cum .. They'll Continue to do what they were doing .. Video Games,Drink Beer/liquor,Party,Flirt aka Search a new Better Pussy with Wish It would Be Cheaper too
BoysGirls Con
Boy01 : I Hate the World Coz Of the Girls
Boy02 : Oh yea , I hate Them too... They Ripped me Off
Boy03 : ha I wouldnt even talk to those cunts if they dont have pussY
Girl01 : Guys , Stop It ..
Girl02 : Make It a Deal .. U want Pussy .. we want Money ..
Girl01 : Ahh , Sounds Fair Enough
Girl02 : So boys ..??
Boys : DEAL!!!
by IwannaGetPaidToo July 22, 2010
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