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This holiday originated February 8, 2004 by the lovely ladies of Merrick, Long Island. It is a day to celebrate how shitty the opposite sex can be whether you're in a relationship or not. On this day, it is your right to buy a cake, preferably w. nuts so you can crunch them, with the words "Boys Suck Cake" written across the top and eat the entire thing by just digging in.
"Sweet, Boys Suck Cake Day is next week! I'll order the cake from Baskin Dunkin w. pralines ice cream and vanilla cake, and you make sure all the girls are coming over around 7 to celebrate! : "

" BSCD is the greatest holiday ever !! "

" Boys SUCK CAKE, on FEB EIGHT ! "
by Colette Heefner February 27, 2008
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