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Also commonly abbreviated as BF Roulette, this is the culmination of a girl's desperation. She proceeds to advertise to people, often on live social media, that she will host a game of BF Roulette. After doing so, she posts her phone number and sticks her phone into her vagina. Calls will tend to come in from a wide variety of people, depending on the nature of the initial advertisement. The vibrations caused by the call that causes her to orgasm is the person who becomes her boyfriend. Depending on the phone and call density, the drawing process takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.
Alyssa was tired of trying to work for a man that suited her. At this point, all she wanted was a good, hard fuck. As her horniness got the best of her, she tweets her number as throes of willing men, close and far, young and old, black and white, begin to send vibrations into her vagina with the touch of a button. As she reached climax, she takes note of the number, sits at her computer, and posts again:

" Boyfriend Roulette: 107th caller!!! Lucky man ;) "
...and proceeds to call the number that made her cum.


Mike: *Phone rings* awwwwwww yeah
by RoightStoight October 27, 2014
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