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A person living in Boyertown PA who demonstrates stereotypical Jewish traits. Can be Jew by blood but is not limited to just that, anyone can be one. Most commonly referred to people that are very money obsessed. unlike real Jews Boyertown Jews boast how Jewish they are, as sort of a competition between other Boyertown Jews.
Boyertown Jews also demonstrate stereotypes in public ex: jump at the chance to pick up change on the ground, love saving money and express it, ect.

" Melvin is such a Boyertown Jew, look! he is picking up change"
Melvin- "hell yea free money!"

" do you want the rest of my lunch?"
Melvin- "is it free?"
Melvin- "then its not even a question"

"funerals are like eight or nine grand"
Melvin- " screw that! when I die throw me in the nearest
by some guy26482 September 28, 2011
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