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Referring to John Boyd (military strategist) & Chris Boyd (artist & director).
A quality inherent in the characteristic styles of Boyd's rebellious nature and intense fiery temperaments. A signature whereby they first appear at ease but seem to bristle with inner strengh and energy. Both being referred to as "human volcanoes". Its this intensity and rebelliousness that has contributed to their single minded creativity and achievements in their fields.
Exhibiting the characteristics which serve as the Boyd signature: aggressive, brilliant, fiery, intense, and tempestuous.
John Boyd's key concept was that of the decision cycle or OODA Loop:
"Charlie pulled a Boydian maneuver" "The colonel had a Boydian stroke of precision genius"

Chris Boyd's work had consistent cathartic visual style with thematic pre-oppupations across his body of work:
"The unresolved kinesthetic tensions in these shots are very Boydian."
".. powerful imagery with a Boydian use of silky tone and colour."
by Sarah.D July 28, 2007
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