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The voice a male makes when he is with or speaking with his girl friend. The voice usually goes from a regular male voice with all swag to a soft pansy voice usually accompanied with flirting.
We were all swaggin out at the crib when Chris got a phone call from Colleen and turned on his boy friend voice. We proceeded to clown on the dude until he hung up.
by mrstealyagirl April 03, 2011
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When a girl talks to her boyfriend in an annoying and high pitched voice. Usually this girl will deny the fact that they use it and be annoyed at the sound of other girls using it.
John: Who's in there with you?
Jack: Andrea? Why?
John: Oh because she sounds different.
Jack: That's because she's on the phone with Jeff, what you're hearing is her boyfriend voice
John: Ohhh okay.
by under ajge June 07, 2009
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