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An elite sport. Box hunters go to "Box Hunting" areas (Clubs, strippers etc) and attempt to smash box. They would usually use their techniques to get to the box, and if successful, use their "Box Hunting Weapon" to smash said box. Box Hunters are usually gentleman, because assholes dont get to smash box.
Hus: I went to CQ on saturday night to go box hunting. I was successful in smashing said box using my Box Hunting Weapon, and she loved it. I am the best box hunter ever.
by superhuS! March 26, 2009
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some one who is refered to as a Box Hunter who hunts for box (pussy).
john : (talking to his mate) 'dude i went box hunting on the weekend,im the best box hunter going around'
by Bartas + Paps(orkestrated) TFU November 16, 2008
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