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Most definately NOT a string bean...But great, speaks teridactyl. The last name of one of the best guys you'll ever meet, well not one of them, the besttt one. Ahhmazin, and I love him. smilie face.
-I love chris Bowdle.

-Teridactlyl's love chris bowdle.

-Don't you wish chris bowdle was your boyfriend? well too bad, hes mine wink face.
by guesswho<3:] April 26, 2009
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A very strange impulsive person who has many bad habbits. Great; In the sense of foods a, string bean, also can be used in the sense of people.
1. Look at that bowdle bowdling around.

2. Dat boy ain't tasty, he's a bowdle.

3. I like bowdles.
by Samanthanaran April 22, 2009
Happy St. Patties Day!
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