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having, or pertaining to, extremely long, bony fingers.

a fictional character of English descent, who is elderly, tall and lanky, with extremely long bony hands.

given his extremely bony hands, Boun Haund gets himself in an array of unusual and generally socially awkward situations
Boun Hand in gym class as a middle schooler

Basketball scrimmage in progress

Coach: Great rebound, Timmy, pass it out!
Timmy: (turning, looking for outlet pass, in a rush, tosses it to Boun Haund)
Coach: (slow mo) noooooo!

POP! sssssssssss... (ball pops)

Class: Not again!
Coach: Class is over, hit the showers.

Boun Hand: I'm sorry, I can't help it that my hands are extremely boney!
by Suton December 10, 2009
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