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1. The disease of uncontrollable laughter
2. REALLY bad cheerleaders

The word Bottory was made up by B.O., R.K., and P.K. at a school football game. The cheerleaders were yelling out,"B-O-T-T-O-R-Y thats the Cardinals battle cry!". It sounded exactly like that, but it was supposed to be "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y" it came to be that bottory was the bad cheerleader cry. Bottory was named the disease of uncontrollable laughter when B.O. caught R.K. laughing non-stop for five minutes and he told her she had the Bottory disease!
1."Oh my goodness those cheerleaders are so bottory!"

2."Whats so funny?! Looks like someone has the bottory!"
by R.K. July 21, 2004
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