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Boston Girl:Omg lets go tanning, shopping,being preppy and being a slut
Perfect example Ashley Villamino from North Boston:This girl is the hottest girl ever she wears tight clothing to show off her amazing curves, nice tits and the greatest ass ive ever seen on a highschool girl. Every guy in my school stares at her all class. But theres one problem shes a bitch and only goes out with meathead jocks
Boston Guy:A tough guy chances r the guys irish italian or black nothing else really. There usually big scary motherfuckers who love to drink.
Perfect example:Another person i hate hes from the South Boston er southie er w/e idk the ironic thing is Ashley is dating him and all she does is talk about how gr8 hes is. Dan is a all american athlete,drug dealing,partying,giant, steroid monkey who fucks girls n then leaves them the next day likes its nothing hes such a asshole and yet every hot girl either thinks hes hot or hes hooked up with idk hes so fucked up he doesnt care about the girl at all just the Pussy Ass n Tits what a fucking scum bag and i hope this mother fucker gets shot in the head along with Ashley. Everyone in North hates cause all he does is talk shit even though he can back it up but he never stops seriously bro STFU.
Boston Girl and Guy(Ashley)- Lets go shopping,tanning,get some spandex to show off my ass from the gods and they we can fuck when we get back
Boston Girl and Guy (Dan)-W/e bitch i gottta get some steroids, some weed,some HGH and then u can hop on while i pump my chest in the GYM
Boston Girl and Guy (Ashley) Omg sounds gr8 love ya
by Jonny from North May 28, 2009
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