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A sexual act;

Where during missionary before a woman begins to squirt the partner turns around and spreads their cheeks to ecstatically accept an explosion of female flood water into the rectum.
Hey babe, that beer really filled me up, wanna try the Boston bidet tonight?
by ARealAuthor August 07, 2018
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an obscure sex act practiced primarily by people in new england, in which a man in a samuel adams costume fills his anal cavity with beer, then farts it out of his arse in a graceful, arcing stream, whereupon it lands on the lower back of a young redheaded woman, and streams down her buttcanyon and over her twice baked potato, into the eager mouth of a person dressed as paul revere.
ben affleck: you feel like hitting a boston bidet with me right now?
matt damon: duh hickey.
ben affleck: okay, grab your paul revere costume.
matt damon: i'm already wearing it under my clothing right.
ben affleck: okay, sick.
matt damon: okay cool.
by trilliam turdsworth September 12, 2017
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