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An empowered female who empowers others and guides those around her to level up; consistent, unstoppable, fierce and fearless. More than a title, it's an attitude, a lifestyle and a force to be reckoned with.
She is always on top of her game, like a true bossette.
by @bossette.aus November 21, 2018
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A feamle that has a boss attitude or physical state of being on top. the Queen of the fucking jungle. who is always on top of her game.never backs down from anythinq and will do whatever it takes to make sure her family is taken care. a

bossette looks beautiful inside and out and is always fresh to death.Related to Boss the (male) a leader, someone who runs shit in his/her hood or city.
Damn! Shawty is a bossette she handles her shit with a boss like mentality
by amelia(F]Bby May 19, 2011
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