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A sex technique originating in Bosnia, which is gaining popularity in America. It involves a woman centered in the bed doing a handstand on her head and both hands in a triangular pattern. The woman then pulls her legs down towards her chest while her knees rest on the back of her elbows. The woman's genitals are exposed and spread open to some degree. She is ready. The Man standing on the bed then jumps in the air as high as he can, at the highest point of his jump he moves to become completely horizontal in the air. As he is horizontal, and still at the apex of his jump, he spread eagles his arms and legs as far as he can, looking like a human letter X. His erect genitalia is now pointing straight down towards the woman. Gravity pull the man down towards the woman similar to how a bomb falls from the sky. The man must try his best to aim his genitals into one of the two genital orifices of the woman below. Talented men can aim perfectly and land on their target. Novices at this move sometimes miss and hit thigh, buttock, or pubic bone, damaging their penis for life. If you do however hit your desired target you are required to begin coitus in whatever position you and the woman fall into.
What up Boss Player, last night I did my first Bosnian Bomb Drop on a hot bitch. I drank like 7 and a half coors lights, and nailed the move perfectly. After words I told her to put some respek on my name.
by BossPlayerRespekCoorsLight December 09, 2016
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