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People who bore the fuck outta others just by being themselves or by following others as there own existence is pointless as they go through life using other peoples ideas..
1. Go to and search your first name, copy and paste this as ur status and put the first entry as a comment on Facebook.. Doin this makes you a follower of Boring fuckers and you too will become 1..

2. Constantly sending on 'Chain emails' and participate by doing what someone else has instructed you to do..Yet again you have just been welcomed to the Boring fuckers club..

3. Posting the same shite over and over again just cos no1 was interested the 1st time.. If it was annoyin the 1st time, then the 2nd,3rd and 4th times are even more fuckin annoyin.. Oh if you do this you are def a Boring fucker!..

4. Annoyin the fuck outta Mr L Burns by doing all of the above..
by Lee Mad As Toast February 05, 2010
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