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The raising of one's status as a result of crossing a literal, or figurative, border to an area where one is of higher relative status than where they came form.

This can be done by moving to an area where one's race or nationality automatically makes them elite, and/or moving to an area where one's financial means are much higher than the median as compared to where one is moving from.

This "move" does not have to be a physical can be a social move. This is best evidenced by a loser white guy going after minority women to get a hot one (e.g. mail-order brides). Likewise, any decent looking white woman can always secure herself a wealthy husband if she is willing to hook up with a successful black guy or an Asian guy.
When the Smiths retired and moved to Mexico, they got a border promotion and were able to live in a much nicer house.

That piece of white trash couldn't get a decent-looking white girl to save his life, but once he went down the mail-order bride route, he got a really hot wife due to the border promotion.
by Bill From VA January 21, 2007
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