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A bop-it orgy is when you take an even number of players in one house and stand them, in couples, outside the bedroom. The first couple will go into the bedroom and get onto the bed, the rest of the players will stand at the door and yell out commands that are similar to the ones in bop it (example: suck it, slap it, lick it, kiss it). The players will have a very short pause to work out the action being shouted at them. At any random time, one of the players giving commands can yell "Pass it" at which stage couple will leave the bedroom and join the other players, and the next couple will go in. If the players fail to perform the given action within the brief pause, or if one of the players reaches climax, then they will be eliminated from the game. This will continue until one couple is left as the winners.
Dave's house party was crazy bro! We were playing strip poker and even had a bop-it orgy!
by TRP1999 August 23, 2017
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