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1. A drunkard (I.E.- "Stupid Drunk Bastard") who games online, without thought to others who have to endure his general drunken retardation, the fact that he never shuts the hell up, and loves EVERYONE.

2. Anyone you know needing AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

Which would be everyone you know.

3. The coolest person to ever play Call of Duty: World at War. He is a his own mind.
1- Dude, dig Boozey McLiver. You would think the dumbass would go HOME to get wasted instead of a curb, and a paper sack.....

2- Oh man. Boozey McLiver got on last night, and tore a new poopchute in LowenTard. He acted dumb as hell!

3- Seriously, Vikings shouldn't drink like fish and play FPS games, you noobzor.
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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